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Plan On Scheduled Maintenance

Plan On Scheduled Maintenance

Nowadays, getting old doesn’t mean getting useless, especially with the advent of preventative maintenance, which so happens to be the key to staying useful. For example, we exercise, try to eat healthy and remain active in order to ensure the highest amount of productivity later in our lives. Start early, benefit later.

That same idea extends to material handling equipment. Conducting scheduled maintenance will consistently breathe new life into your material handling equipment each time, ensuring maximum productivity and extended equipment life.

Mid Columbia Forklift and MidCo Material Handling offer a number of scheduled maintenance programs that not only give your equipment longer lifespans, but also drastically reduces overall operating costs, which gives you more control over repair related expenses.  

Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance is what is recommended by the manufacturer for the up keep of the equipment. However, it is not pre- contracted. It is recommended to be performed every 100-150 hours. The Routine Maintenance for an internal combustion unit includes the engine oil and filter changed, systems lubricated and maintenance checks completed. For electric models basic maintenance includes similar maintenance checks and system lubrication.

Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance is also includes what is recommended by the manufacturer for proper care. However, it is usually based on an annual agreement and is scheduled in advance on a regular basis to help avoid downtime.
In addition to the Routine Maintenance, Planned Maintenance includes a service every 1000 hours or 6 months of operation and a complete tune-up. Every 2000 hours or annually for both internal combustion or electric units an additional service is performed to include complete fluid replacement, and thorough servicing of the drive axle, steer axle, brake and hydraulic systems.

Full Maintenance

A Full Maintenance program allows you to get out of the lift truck business and focus on your core business. A Full Maintenance Agreement allows Forklift Systems to ensure the most uptime possible from your equipment. This is done by completing all factory recommended services at the proper intervals.

Full Maintenance includes the services provided with Routine and Planned Maintenance programs, plus it also covers most parts and labor. Mid Columbia Forklift and Mid Co Material Handling’s Full Maintenance includes all manufacturer recommended service, routine maintenance, planned maintenance, major rebuild service, emergency service 24 hour service, regular break-down service, loaner truck, all transportation costs and a training package.

While preventative maintenance essentially maximizes output later in the lifespan of your equipment, the benefits come early, too. If your equipment is consistently receiving the attention and care it needs, uptime will increase while decreasing financial costs associated with big repairs. A scheduled maintenance program is the best way to optimize productivity.

Planning ahead has its payouts, so make plans with Mid Columbia Forklift or MidCo Material Handling to get the most out of one of our scheduled maintenance programs.

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